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Art of Living

 To start: Turn on the Power Switch!

To start living your most abundant life that you were designed to live,

you need to first connect to your Power Source. 

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Owners Manual for Life:

How to be a Healthy & Happy Human 

Imagine having the latest computer or Iphone with the latest technology, Apps, programs, and all the capabilities and resources it can provide. Imagine if you don’t know how to turn that on.  It is all useless unless you know how to turn on the power and connect to all the potential it can provide. Just like us, we need to connect to our power source to access all the amazing power we have within ourselves. The potential within each of you is so much more than the latest computer or Iphone will ever be.


Most people only tap into a small percentage of their capabilities, personal power, or purpose because they don’t know how to connect, to plug into their own power source, or there are blocks that keeps us from connecting. TFL provides the tools to remove the blocks and to plug connect to the amazing potential you have within, you so you can live your most abundant, rich, passionate, happy and healthy life!

This program will give you the tools to see yourself from inside out and learn to understand what you have power (control) over and what you do not. Providing the tools such power tapping, breathing techniques, mindfulness, visualization to deprogram negative thinking, unhealthy behaviors and habits, block that keep you from living a happy & healthy life. Your will reprogram your mind, body, emotional/spiritual self for healthy behaviors creating new sustainable habits that will lead to your best happy & healthy life. Power tapping, breathing techniques, mindfulness, visualization are just a few of the skills you be learning for your happy & healthy toolbox. 

Tap into the inspiration you need to live your Happy & Happy life. Live It! 

Let go of what is keeping you from discovering your true gifts.

Restore your self and feel how good and vibrant living a life

connected to yourself and the power within can be.

Discover what truly matters to you, so you can live your life with passion and purpose.

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