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Art of Exercise 

Think of your body as a vehicle  

Your brain is the computer that runs the vehicle

Your conscious mind is what drives the vehicle

The Brain has a thought which is converted to an electric current which is sent down your spine to your solar plexus; converted to an electric response which communicates with the muscular system which moves the joints through the ligaments and tendons, like the movement of wheels on a vehicle.

brain impulse stock .jpeg

Posture rules. It rules in the world we live in.  Gravity doesn’t take the day off. You are either in harmony with gravity or your fighting it. Gravity always wins.

Every exercise and movement is defined by joint movement. The function of the joint with the sequencing and synergy of the joints will determine that harmony.

Think if your car is out of alignment. It wears on your tires which causes more imbalance which then cause your vehicle to not run as efficiently, which creates more imbalance, impacting overall function and health of your vehicle. 

TFL CGO is 12 step program that preprograms bad posture through right action.

There are 3 zones (Center, Ground & Open) with 4 action steps per zone. When activated efficiently will create perfect function and posture.  

It aligns you to every exercise you will be doing, along with every action you take in life... Leading you to be open all the time, in all you do.

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